Designed by a group of Maine guides to be the best wool hunting jacket, wool hunting pants, and hunting fanny packs for the big woods of the Northeast.
Made in the Northeastern United States.

Big Woods Bucks has produced wool hunting gear for 12 years, starting with its Beagle wool line, running through its partnership with Silent Predator.

Now, starting with the 2022 wool line, Big Woods Bucks has not only designed the jackets, pants, and fanny packs, but bought the wool itself so it could have total control over the finished product.


The Big Woods Bucks Tracker Jacket is designed to be your quintessential wool hunting jacket outerwear. With our signature Green Checker 100% American Made 22 oz. virgin wool, removeable wool blaze orange cape, and game pocket in rear, it’s built for the Big Woods.



The Big Woods Bucks lightweight jacket is designed to be your quintessential wool hunting jacket outerwear. It is the same dimensions and has all the same features as the 22 oz jacket, but is made in lighter, solid green, 18 oz. wool for warmer days, or days where you are active on a track in warmer conditions. 100% American Made 18 Oz. virgin wool, removable wool blaze orange cape, game pocket in rear, it’s built for the Big Woods.



Big Woods Bucks’ famous hunting fanny pack is back, this time with shoulder straps. Built as an “all-day” pack that can fit all the essential gear you need, while spreading the weight out across your shoulders and hips. A must-have for any Big Woods hunter, no matter what style of hunting you do.



When team member Rick Labbe saw the proto-type for this pack, he said, “I’m gonna keep that pack in my truck for tracks I don’t get on until the afternoon.” And so the “Noonah” was named (in the classic Maine accent). With only waist straps, the Noonah is big enough for you to take essential gear while keeping the load light so you can keep the pace up on a big buck.





Big Woods Bucks’ wool hunting pants are made from American-made solid green virgin wool, and come in lightweight 18 oz and heavier 24 oz weights. All pants have reinforced crotch and come un-hemmed so you can produce a custom inseam length that will be your perfect fit.


Our Story




It started as a simple concept: Master Maine Guide Hal Blood started his guide business 33 years ago in Jackman, Maine, guiding clients on moose, bear, partridge, and of course, Big Woods Bucks. Hal had on staff the greatest guides Maine had to offer at that time, including Lee “Bad Lee” Libby, Lee “Good Lee” Schanz, and Mike Stevens.




Starting in the mid-2000s, Hal and the big woods bucks crew started to see clients coming up to hunt the big woods in hunting gear, mostly synthetic materials, that was just not suited to the rugged environment. So Hal decided to create his own wool hunting gear—the Big Woods Bucks wool hunting jacket and hunting fanny packs.

Big Woods Bucks’ commitment to quality was made while Hal and Big Woods Bucks CEO Chris Dalti sat on a log while taking a break on a buck track in Ontario in 2009. While discussing the new wool line, Hal and Chris made a commitment to either produce the finest wool hunting gear possible, or not produce any at all. Big Woods Bucks’ commitment to source the finest, 100% virgin wool has remained unchanged since then.

Now, with two original wool hunting jackets and two original wool hunting packs, wool hunting pants, wool hunting gloves, and peep sights, Big Woods Bucks is producing the top wool hunting gear for hunting on the move in the Northeast and across North America. 


Why Wool?

Wool stays warm when wet
Why is wool the best choice for hunting clothing? Wool has natural properties the go well beyond the most commonly-stated that wool is warm even when wet. This is true and wool has saved many lives because of it.

Wool is naturally odor-resistant
Another natural property of wool that is naturally resistant to carrying odor. Most people don’t know this because they have become condition to think they need a special clothing or scent spray to mask their odor. I can’t tell you how many times that I have had deer standing a few feet from me and never knew I was around. 

Wool does not burn
Wool does not burn. It may smoke or smolder a little but you cannot light it on fire. If you burn a hole in your wool socks, it is the synthetic fibers needed for stretch that burned, not the wool. What has this got to do with hunting? Not a lot except you may feel a little more comfortable huddling around a fire to warm up! 

Wool is quieter
Take a jacket made of a synthetic material and a wool jacket and smack each jacket with a stick. See the difference in noise? Your jacket is getting slapped by twigs all day long, and to a whitetail buck’s ears it sounds like a marching band if you’re not wearing wool.

Wool vs. modern man-made materials
Nowadays most hunting clothes are made of some kind of man-made material. They all claim to be the best. Believe me after guiding hunters for the past 30 years; I’ve seen it all in hunting clothing. I have yet to see any that can hold a candle to wool for hunting especially where there is snow, rain and cold involved. Don’t get me wrong, if a hunter is sitting in a tree stand insulated whatever material might be a better choice, but for moving about the woods, you can’t beat wool. Wool will naturally air dry fairly quickly. If you get caught in a snow or rain shower you will stay warm not feel soggy and be dry before you know it. Wool is quiet, which for me is one of the most critical aspects of being a good hunter. Other materials may feel quiet to the touch, but they will slap and pop going through brush. The one exception is polar fleece, but it is marginal when wet.

Our ancestors knew what they were doing when they wore wool!