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Is the 30/30 Still Relevant?
Is the 30/30 Still Relevant? Hunting season is just around the corner; you can feel it! The air is crisp and cool, the leaves have begun to turn all manner of colors, and that natural drive to be in the woods has begun. On my way to work this morning I couldn’t help but feel that annual evo...
Getting Ready for the Tracking Season – The Marlin TSBL Trapper
Getting Ready for the Tracking Season – The Marlin TSBL Trapper As many of you know, I have been working with the new Marlin TSBL Trapper in 45/70 as my new go-to 2018 tracking rifle. I was impressed by the design of this model because of its compact size, the power and versatility of the 4...
Hunting Season Preparation Starts Now
As spring turns to summer, things get hectic. It is easy to let projects slip away when they don’t demand immediate attention. This is definitely true regarding fitness. On any one day, you can miss a training session because you’re busy, or tired, or distracted. Then, before you realize...
Adirondack Joe Buck
With my Maine buck under my belt, it was time to head to the Adirondack’s. My buddy Joe Dinitto keeps me posted on the weather out that way during deer season and I keep him posted on ours. Joe had hunted a few days with me the first week and now he informed me that a few inches of snow had hi...

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