The Percival Trailer - Full Length Shortfilm Available in the BWB Hunt Club on the June15th

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BWB would like to welcome Jeff Paradis to the team. As you will see from the tour of his "trophy room ", Jeff is an expert in the art of hunting. Expect to see lots of information as time rolls on from Jeff as he shares his experiences and knowledge.
Instead of listing all the features of the Woodman Arms Muzzleloader, the most reliable muzzleloader on the planet, we want to show you the benefits you would enjoy if you owned one. Order yours today at or call Tim at 603-608-7218 for a...
Timmy shares some critical knowledge of how he analyzes a new piece of hunting ground in the Big Woods. Based on his success over the years, it is probably a good idea to you should file away this information with the hopes you might face this challenge this fall and know exactly how Timmy...
Stream Crossing 101
If you are a serious Big Woods buck tracker, you know that sooner or later a buck is going to take you to a stream or river. A lot of times it is to try and shake you off their track. All deer learn at an early age that by going to water their scent is hidden from coyotes, who are a deer’s num...

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