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The Outdoorsman in Trouble – The Untold Story
It was November 1988. Deer season was in full swing and the whitetail rut was on. What should have been the best three weeks of that year had become a dim reminder of what deer season used to be. I was on a three week drinking and drugging binge that left me physically exhausted and mentally low. Up...
Simple Training Strategies for Hunting Performance
On a recent BWB podcast, Hal, Lee, Joe and I discussed “getting in shape” for hunting. A lot of jokes followed and we had a good conversation, discussing things like fitness and mental toughness. I felt like some important details got left out, so hopefully this will help fill in some of...
Maine's Heaviest recorded buck of 2018
At BWB, we appreciate fellow hunters sharing their hunting adventures. Brendan Moore shared a classic Big Woods Hunt which resulted in him killing an absolute giant according to The New England Standard of how much a buck weighed after it is fully field dressed.  Some k...
Be the Best Hunter You Can Be
With the advent of the hunting television shows, DVD’s and YouTube films, people get to experience more hunting in one afternoon than they might otherwise experience in a lifetime of hunting on their own. All too often, many hunters will look at the personalities they see on TV as experts on h...

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