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Hunting Season Preparation Starts Now
As spring turns to summer, things get hectic. It is easy to let projects slip away when they don’t demand immediate attention. This is definitely true regarding fitness. On any one day, you can miss a training session because you’re busy, or tired, or distracted. Then, before you realize...
Next Year's Monster Whitetail Buck
The good Lord decided he wanted to bless me with an early season buck this past year. This gift was a real encouragement to me in many ways, producing the buck and story of a lifetime. Though I’m extremely thankful and blessed with this honor there was only one problem; I was done hunting big ...
Learning to Shoot Left Handed because of Cross Dominance
I’m a cross-dominant rifle shooter, meaning I’m a right-handed shooter and I’m left eye dominant. Not a good combination for shooting at bucks on the run (as when you see one jumping from its bed after a long day on the track) or working a shotgun at the skeet range, in the upland ...
"Tracking Tips" for the Big Woods
1)    Assessing snow conditions There are many things to consider when assessing snow conditions. Snow takes on many form. It can be anything from a damp quiet snow to a hard or crusted snow and everything in between. The type of snow on the ground determines how I hunt the track. Fo...

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