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Opening Day with Hal Blood
At 3:00 AM, I get in my truck and head to Jackman for opening day of the 2016 Maine deer season. In the night, a front came through the state that was rain over most of the state except for higher elevations in northern and western Maine. Hal needed a cameraman for the day and I had volunteered to d...
The Horse Buck
As many of us are, I am an extremely busy person and 2017 was no exception. I worked every second I could, trying my best to run two businesses, while building a house and on top of that, the lord has also blessed my wife and I with our first child on the way. I am very thankful and humbled for God ...
Tag Soup – A Recipe for Future Success
I didn’t get a deer this year. Bob didn’t get one either. It’s not like either of us to go through an entire season without making something happen. Even if I don’t shoot a buck “up North” in the Adirondacks, I’m usually able to spend a little time in the So...

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