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                             Hal's New Book

            194 Color Pages - Large 8.5" X 11" format

Description in Hal's words: 

Come along with me on the track as I take 25 Big Woods Bucks, starting with the very first one that I tracked down. Everything I learned about hunting these majestic bucks was from following hundreds of bucks over the past almost 40 years. These bucks took me to their haunts and showed me how they lived. The life of a buck is written in his tracks and by following them, you are living their lives learning how to use that information to outwit them. Over those years, I developed a system for consistent success and in this book, I lay out that system in a format that anyone can follow. A mature Big Woods Whitetail buck is, in my opinion, one of the most difficult animals to take in North America. I hope that this book inspires you to take up the challenge of hunting these great creatures.

Good luck on the trail!  Hal     

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Upcoming Events

Whitetails Unlimited Deer Camps:

Special guest Hal Blood will be appearing at several                                                   
Whitetails Unlimited Events this winter and spring.

Westfield,Ma 3/3 Purchase Tickets:
Lebanon, NH 3/17 Purchase Tickets:
Auburn, Maine 4/13 Purchase Tickets:

Come meet Hal and enjoy a great evening of fun.
Hal will be signing his new book. Tracking Whitetail Bucks Stories from the Trail in the Big Woods. We will also have inventory of clothing, fanny packs and other products on hand to purchase. Good chance to save on shipping. Tickets for these events can be bought online at These events sell out early so don’t miss out!

March 24th &25th
Presque Isle Fish & Game Club

More details to come

March 30th, 31st and April 1st

BWB Schedule Seminar coming soon






















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by Logan Rackliff

As many of us are, I am an extremely busy person and 2017 was no exception. I worked every second I could, trying my best to run two businesses, while building a house and on top of that, the lord has also blessed my wife and I with our first child on the way. I am very thankful and humbled for God providing these opportunities and gifts. I did not make it to the Big Woods at all in October or early November to do any kind of bird hunting or big buck scouting like I normally would do.

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I know a lot of trackers who carry and live by one specific gun they favor over all others. My friend Hal Blood and many of the other master trackers I’ve met and talked with, love their pump action carbines. They would not hunt with any other rifle. Others I’ve spent time with have a lever action or two that they swear by.

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