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Dressing for the hunt with Neil Pendleton: why wool makes for the best hunting gear
One of Hal's favorite motto's is, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!". Well, many of us may think Hal was born wearing his wool plaid jacket and green wool pants, and honestly, I can't picture him hunting in any type...
A Miss in Maine, Redemption in Vermont: Glenn Bombardier's 2010 VT buck
The sun was starting to set both literally and figuratively on the 2010 Maine season. It was the last Friday afternoon and after four snowless days, I was excited to finally find a nice buck track to follow. He wasn’t the biggest buck I’d ever tracked but his toes were uneven and his ...
"Still Tracking": Tracking Outside the Box
Around September, I looked at my deer schedule for the upcoming season. I had to guide three weeks, meaning that gave me two weeks to find a buck. Yes, I'm a Big Woods buck hunter, but I also have a family to feed and venison is important to us. So, when my wife told me the freezer was full with moo...

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