Big Woods Outfitters

Big Woods Outfitters is run by Master Maine guide Hal Blood. Hal made his name as one of the foremost Outfitters in the state of Maine. Hal’s guiding career began in the Late 80’s and after 25 years of unmatched success, he sold his business to take a break from the pace of a year-round business and to have the time to hunt more on his own. During that time, he took a position at Remington Arms Company where he did a five-year stint working from home on gun testing for quality improvement. This kept him in the field by taking people on hunts to test new model guns.

Hal decided that his calling was still in the woods of northern Maine so decided to get back into the Outfitting business. It is a natural fit that Big Woods Outfitters be part of the Big Woods Bucks Team That Hal started with a partner Chris Dalti. That, along with the many requests from our Big Woods Bucks followers for Hal to guide again. Hal will be joined by some of the Big Woods Team Members, who are also Maine guides to provide the best Big Woods hunts in the state. These team Member Guides have been hand picked by Hal for their Knowledge and experience with Big Woods Whitetails. You can trust that hunting with any of them will be a learning experience. Hal will also be guiding Moose and Bear hunters as well as teaching his Deer hunting clinics.

Big Woods Outfitters will be based out of Lake Parlin Lodge 10 miles south of Jackman Maine and owned by Team Member Joe Kruse. The Lodge was chosen for its superior lodging and dinning facilities. Come join us for the Big woods Experience of a lifetime!


Whitetail Deer

The Jackman, Moose River valley area is located in the northwestern mountains of the state, nestled against the Quebec Border. This area holds some of the largest bodied bucks in the state. On average 1 out of every 5 bucks tagged each year, will field dress at over 200 pounds. These bucks have evolved to survive the harsh winters typical of this area. When hunting in the Big Woods, don’t expect to see a lot of deer as deer densities are lower than what is typical of farm country or suburban whitetails, but has a better deer population than much of northern Maine. What is lacking in numbers is made up in quality and the experience of roaming the woods where seeing another hunter is a rare occurrence. If you come with the right attitude, you will have an experience unmatched in the whitetail hunting world. Our Team Member Guides will make sure that you are in prime areas for hunting these big bucks.

Team Member/Guide - Joe Kruse                                                                             Team Member/Guide -
Team Member/Guide - Lee Schanz

Team Member/Guide - Rick Labbe                                                                           Team Member/Guide - Ben Allen

We will also offer an American plan hunt for the more experienced hunter or for those that feel confident in roaming the Big Woods on their own. These hunts will include all you can eat home cooked meals and lodging as well as the chance to swap stories and pick up tips from the team in the evenings while sitting around the fireplace in the Lodge. What better hunting trip than to be able to hunt as well as get a big Woods education at the same time!


All Hunts are 6 days and Include Meals and Lodging

2023 Rifle Season Dates: October 30 to November 25

Pricing (per person):
Guided 1x1 - $3750
Guided 2x1 - $2500
Guided 3x1 - $2200

American Plan $1700 (includes all meals and lodging and advice on hunting locations)

Hal's Spring Deer Clinics

These clinics are designed to teach you everything you need to know about hunting bucks in the Big Woods. Spend 3 days with Hal in remote camp learning how to scout for and learn the habits of the Bucks that roam the Big Woods. These clinics are held in the spring when the snow has just left the ground, so everything looks as it did in the fall. You will feel as though you are at hunting camp with Hal during this school. The classroom will be the woods during this hands-on clinic. You will learn from Hal:

  • Map and Compass
  • Woodsman skills
  • Land Navigation
  • Where bucks travel
  • Finding signpost rubs
  • How/where to scout
  • Tracking
  • Still hunting Techniques


These clinics are limited to 10 people per class to ensure a personal experience and include meals and tent camp lodging.

2023 Clinic Dates:

May 3rd to May 5th 

May 10th to May 12th

May 24th to May 26th

May 31st to June 2nd


Pricing (per person):
3-day Deer Clinic - $750


Bear Hunting

Hal has 25 years of experience guiding Bear hunters and has developed a system for consistent success. Our hunting area holds a large population of bear that has seen very little hunting pressure. We don’t hunt our baits week after week. We change our hunting area weekly so as not to pressure them into feeding at night only. We only hunt the baits that have trophy sized bear coming to them, so we can manage the area and let the smaller bears grow. This is remote camp hunt in a private gated area. This hunt is limited to 4 hunters per week. There are cooking facilities at camp and hunters will bring there own food. That makes this an affordable hunt for anyone. Hal will take you to and from your stand and assist in retrieval of bears. Brook trout fishing is another option for the mornings during your hunt and there are several trout ponds in the area. Bear hunting will take place in the afternoon and into the evening evening.


2024 Season Dates: August 26 - September 21

Pricing (per person):
6 Day hunts over Bait - $1800


Moose Hunting

Maine Moose hunting is a once in a lifetime experience. Maine has more Moose per square mile than anywhere in North America. Trophy Moose with spreads of over 50” and some over 60” are taken in the state each year. Hal has been guiding Moose hunters for 25 years and has an unmatched track record with finding and calling in his clients a once in a lifetime trophy. Moose hunting is by permit only and permits are drawn through a lottery system. Applications may be submitted from Jan through May and the drawing is held in June. There are also 10 permits drawn through a sealed bid auction that takes place in January to early February. Applications can be made at: . Contact Hal for information on zone choices where he will be guiding. If you’re are lucky enough to draw one of these coveted permits Hal or one of his guides will take you into one of his remote areas in search of your trophy.



Pricing (Includes Sub-permittee)
Trophy Bull Moose Hunt 1x1 - $6500

Cow Hunts 1x1 - $6000

2024 Seasons:

Bull: Sept. 23rd to 28th and Oct. 14th to19th

Cow: TBA



Big Woods Outfitters will be based out of Lake Parlin Lodge 10 miles south of Jackman Maine and owned by Team Member Joe Kruse. The Lodge was chosen for its superior lodging and dining facilities. Come join us for the Big woods Experience of a lifetime! Click here for directions to the lodge.

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