BWB Team

If you're looking for a team of outdoor professionals whom like to share their woodsmen skills and are entertaining while doing it, you've come to the right place. The BWB team is comprised of Master Guides from several states, outdoor industry personalities, video and still photography experts, waterfowl, archery, shooting sports, fishing, and trapping professionals. Each member is specifically chosen for their particular skill sets and willingness to help others learn. Not to blow our own horn but probably the best looking outdoor team of men and women ever seen in outdoor media ( well in our minds anyhow.) With literally a couple of hundred years of outdoors experience we have been there and done that. One of our true passions is passing on our knowledge and experiences to BWB fans. From teaching proper spread techniques for waterfowl hunting, to how to track and sneak up on wiley mature bucks and everything in-between we teach those hunting and woodsmen skills necessary to achieve your outdoors goals. Our staff understands the majority of people don't have unlimited time in the outdoors and they want to maximize that time they do have. Why struggle learning countless lessons of being unsuccessful when we have already suffered those for you. All you have to do is post a question on our social media pages and we can set you on the right track to success. As often the case we gladly learn something from you as well  and can help someone else in their endeavors. 

We encourage you to go though the teams bio's and get to know us.

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