About Big Woods Bucks

Big Woods Productions LLC, an educational media company, will focus on providing a perfect mix of education and entertainment to outdoor recreation enthusiasts, specifically in the areas of hunting, tracking big game, woodsman skills and a yearlong outdoor lifestyle. What is referred to as  "Big Woods" exists throughout the  Northern Tier of North America. It is where our target markets live.

Unlike other Outdoor Industry Leaders who concentrate strictly on entertaining the outdoor enthusiast, Big Woods utilizes a multi-platform of media outlets, a full suite of production capabilities, a practical product line and a website driven Hunting Club community to connect, from a grass roots level, directly with the consumer. Directed by a leadership team made up of 3 seasoned business and outdoor industry professionals, Chris Dalti,  Hal Blood and Mark Scheeren posses skills sets which provide expertise in critical areas of business such as outdoor industry expertise, finance, client relations, technology, quality assurance and  sales and marketing.

A significant part of the Big Woods  Mission is to inspire new, intermediate and hard core hunters to deviate from today’s boilerplate hunting methods of food plots, baiting and strict stand hunting. Utilizing the core fundamental skill sets taught by the  Big Woods team will afford each individual the opportunity to enter into the world of the animals and confidently traverse the big woods. One of the most valuable skills we teach our fan base is old school, tried and true woodsmen tactics and techniques. Sharing  real, authentic big woods adventures both with written word and through the eyes and ears of a video camera is the most effective combination to help them put the pieces of their puzzle together and become the best they can be.