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The Patriot (Patent # 9115942) is a modern in-line muzzleloading rifle. Every component is manufactured to last a lifetime while withstanding the most extreme conditions.


Patriot Muzzleloader


It is perfectly balanced with a slim forend stock design weighs just over 5 pounds (bare). The slim forend fits comfortably in your hand for easy carrying. It is perfectly balanced with a slim forend stock design weighs just over 5 pounds (bare). The slim forend fits comfortably in your hand for easy carrying. The action is housed in a 7075 Aluminum, billet machined frame. Our design is truly hammer-less. Cocking is done by pulling the break trigger when opening the action. There are no hammers or sliders that require cocking, pushing or pulling in those critical seconds sometimes needed to make the shot. We utilize a cross bolt safety located just behind the trigger. The safety can be setup to accommodate right or left handed shooters. The break trigger functions as part of the trigger guard which remains locked. Simply pressing a button unlocks the break trigger to allow the action to be opened. The trigger guard is has plenty of room so hunters can wear gloves and easily access the trigger. The breech and action are fully enclosed protecting the primer from the elements.

Loose powder and pellets can be used with the universal breech plug. The breech plug design favors loose powder for those who want ultimate accuracy and instant ignition. A socket and wrench are provided with the rifle to remove the breech plug. Simply pushing the break pin through with the ramrod allows the barrel to be removed from the action. It is crucial that no damaging materials are inserted in the barrel. Our ramrod will not damage the crown or bore which will happen during the use of aluminum and fiberglass ramrods. The ramrod features a delrin shaft with brass ends. The ramrod is so flexible, it can be bent until the ends touch without breaking.


Patriot Muzzleloader Features


The stocks feature a modern slim design. They are manufactured in laminate, walnut and hard maple in hydrographic printed stocks. The buttstock is fitted with a pachmayr recoil pad. Sling studs come standard with all rifles. The forend stocks are laser checkered to provide grip when shouldering the muzzleloader.

We use only precision match grade stainless steel barrels. These are a large part of the manufacturing cost, but after all what good is a rifle that won’t shoot consistent groups? We say we build “America’s most accurate muzzleloader™” for a reason. Many other muzzleloader companies do not maintain tolerances in the tenths. Our .45 caliber bore diameter specs are .4500″ to .4503″ and the .50 calibers .5000″ to .5005″. The bores are checked for straightness and concentricity on the rifling. Some manufactures sell muzzleloaders with barrels that may measure .501″ to .502″ and sometimes .505″ in a .50 caliber. We would only put those in the scrap pile. For shooters who like powerbelts, would you have much confidence to hunt with a barrel that was .005″ over-sized?  Your bullet would probably fall out of the barrel.  Some sabots can accommodate the over-sized barrels, but all sabots will fit in a precision barrel.  All of our barrels are finished with the Melonite QPQ treatment. They will not rust or corrode.

We offer many options for sights. For those who prefer a scope only, we manufacture one piece scope mounts to accept 1″ and 30 MM scope tubes. The 30MM mount can be fitted with adapter bushings to also accept 1″ scope tubes. Another option is the picatinny style rail. This allows scopes to be mounted along with traditional rifle sights. Any mil-spec picatinny style ring can be used to mount a scope on the rail. A scope mounted with quick detach rings on the picatinny rail is yet another option to provide access to the traditional sights. The traditional sights are also configurable to be a notch style or peep sight. The picatinny rail will accept a traditional notch or peep sight on either end for flexibility. The front sight features a fiber optic bead for quick target acquisition. Lastly for those who prefer to have traditional sights only, we manufacture several options that will accept a traditional notch or peep sight.

The stainless steel barrels on our Patriot muzzleloaders are hand lapped and held to tight tolerances to ensure extreme accuracy. Typical bore diameter tolerance is +0.0000″ to -0.0002″. Barrel finish consists of Melonite QPQ (nitride) treatment, inside and out. This is not a coating, it is a surface transformation that results in a durable hard surface with high corrosion resistance. Corrosion and pitting in the barrel are a thing of the past. No steel components will be found in the Patriot. Steel will quickly rust when powder residue and moisture come in contact with it.

Note that if you purchase a Patriot muzzleloader and for any reason regret or do not like it, we will attempt to make it right or you may simply return it for your money back.


** Refunds are based on the condition of the gun in the event that it is being returned and that if it is being shipped it must be insured for the original purchase price.