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 Thank you to all who attend the 37th Annual State of Maine Sportsman Show. It was great to see you and talk hunting, fishing and the outdoors. The BWB team appreciates sharing adventures with all of you. We look forward to next year all ready but in the meantime let's go makes some new memories. See you in the field...

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One Gun, Two Guns, Three Guns More!
by Mark Scheeren

I know a lot of trackers who carry and live by one specific gun they favor over all others. My friend Hal Blood and many of the other master trackers I’ve met and talked with, love their pump action carbines. They would not hunt with any other rifle. Others I’ve spent time with have a lever action or two that they swear by.

Training for Trackers- The Kettlebell
by Matt Breton

As the weather continues to improve it is time to train more outside. Classic strengthening can get a little more challenging outdoors because you don’t have access to a wide variety of equipment that you might in a gym. A little creativity will help you meet the training demands for building strength before the season gets here. Tracking bucks does not require a body builder’s physique, a power lifter’s strength or an Olympic lifter’s technique. What it does require is a certain amount of strength to get it done. What is it?
A Hunting Camp with Trackers
by Mark Scheeren

This past year I had the privilege of spending time in hunting camp with some of the greatest trackers in the Northeast. We had snow early on, and then it continued on throughout periods of the rifle season. Because we hadn’t had these kinds of conditions for a few years, when the snow fell, it was a festive time – there was an energy in the air. Trackers from all over the Northeast were talking…”How much snow you got over there?”

Practice Makes Perfect - Even in the Off Season
by Mark Scheeren

When we think about practice in the off season as it relates to hunting and tracking, it tends to conjure up images of shooting our rifles, tuning our bows for the fall, and working out during those long summer months. All of these activities are forms of practice and are the necessary preparatory pieces of the puzzle to be sure. If you want to be successful, then those items need to be on your to-do list as well. But with that said, there is another form of practice that gets less attention – practicing the art of tracking in the off season.

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