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Wes Labar of Adirondacks to Join Big Woods Bucks Team

Wes Labar is joining Big Woods Bucks as co-host of the Big Woods Bucks: Adirondacks Podcast

Big Woods Bucks would like to welcome Wes Labar to the team. Wes will be co-hosting the Big Woods Bucks: Adirondacks Podcast, which will be premiering this spring.

Raised in the Adirondacks since the age of 7, Wes has fallen in love with the park and has a lot of respect and passion for this place he calls home. 

Wes is a first generation hunter who taught himself how to track and still hunt. He will sit during the rut or if conditions permit, but tracking is his favorite method. He also likes getting together once or twice a year with his friends and do large deer hunts to each other. 

In the spring Wes can be found turkey hunting in the morning and brook trout fishing in the afternoon. 

Wes has a passion for teaching other people what he knows and has learned because he didn’t have that advantage in his hunting career, other than a couple old timers with tips and tricks here and there.

Wes got his guides license in 2018 and started his own guide business in 2019. When he can, he will take youth hunters out during the special seasons as part of his passion for getting people into the outdoors, and more importantly, the big woods. Wes is a hard working family man who has a wife, son, and daughter on the way. When Wes isn’t checking trail cameras and scouting he’s spending time with family. Wes plans to start traveling more to hunt but has hunted Ohio, Maine, and Arkansas for deer and other game. 




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