BWB Leadership Team

Hal Blood - President and Author

Master Guide Hal Blood is a special breed of deer hunter. He has the patience, persistence, and tenacity to find and track big bucks in all types of weather no matter where they roam. As a hunter and Master Maine Guide, Hal has taken more than one hundred mature white-tailed bucks. Hal started deer hunting with his Dad at age ten. He quickly got the fever and became addicted to chasing deer around the Maine woods. After a four year stint in the Marine Corps and ten years of being a lobsterman, Hal decided to turn his passion for hunting into his profession. He and his wife Debbie moved to Jackman, in the northwest mountains of Maine and built a sporting resort and named it, Cedar Ridge Outfitters. This resort became well known for its outstanding service, food, and quality hunting and fishing guides. Hal and Deb have recently sold the business and are looking forward to the next chapter in their lives. After some coaxing from his friends and clients, Hal decided to share his years of knowledge about how to hunt bucks in the big woods. His book, Hunting Big Woods Bucks, was such a success that more and more hunters wanted to learn from Hal in person. This led to his offering deer hunting clinics at his lodge as well as doing sporting show seminars and other speaking engagements around the Country. With help from his long time friend Chris, they turned Big Wood Bucks into a company with the idea of helping other hunters by giving them the tools and knowledge to become better deer hunters. With all of this Hal, has given novice hunters as well as seasoned veterans a new look at hunting and taking bucks in the Big Woods by challenging the animals one on one. Hal has since written a second book "Hunting Big Woods Bucks Vol II" which is a more in depth look at the way's of these amazing animals and more strategies for successfully hunting them. Since selling Cedar Ridge Outfitters, Hal has taken a position at Remington Arm’s Company where he is the Hunting and Expedition Specialist. Hal’s wife of thirty five years, Deb, who has taken her share of whitetails, has been his biggest fan and supporter over all these years. Hal also has a son who also loves chasing whitetails around the Big Woods. Gary, age thirty three, is in the army reserves and is currently living in Texas. Gary has two children and Hal is looking forward to introducing his grandchildren to the sport of hunting. Hal and Deb have settled into the new home they built in Moose River, Maine.


Chris Dalti - CEO

Chris Dalti is the CEO of Big Woods Bucks. Chris has loved to hunt since he was a young boy. He has grown up in a family of deer hunters enjoying "The Hunt" with his Dad, Uncle Joe, his cousins and friends. Chris met Hal Blood in 1990 at a sportsman's show and was Hal's first guided client, introducing him to the great forests of the far north. Over the years, Chris became close friends with Hal, and he’s had the privilege of hunting directly with Hal for more than a quarter century. This has allowed Chris to become the preeminent student of Hal's woodsman and tracking skills, and in the process Chris has developed his own style of applying the tracking discipline with great success. In addition to the Big Woods, Chris has taken the lessons learned in the North and put them to the test while still-hunting and stand-hunting in his native Rhode Island as well. The Big Woods aren’t the only place the BWB System works, and Chris is a living example of this traditional hunting style working in different geographic areas across the United States.  In 2007, he realized the need to organize a company to share a vision that he shared with Hal about Big Woods hunting. Chris has a strong background in business management and finance and he coupled that knowledge with the understanding he gained chasing Hal around the woods with a camera  for thousands of miles documenting what each of Hal's big woods hunts produced. "The vision and mission of Big Woods Bucks has morphed over the years" says Chris but we recently focused the company on what the team does best, big woods deer hunting.  "Our vision is to become the Outdoor Industries leading big buck authority utilizing traditional skill sets which we refer to as woodsman skills – in-house we call this the BWB System! In our expert opinion, this system is the most comprehensive set of tactics to compete directly with arguably the wiliest game animal on this planet, the big woods whitetail buck." Chris stated, "Big Woods Bucks is committed to providing fellow hunters with real hunting adventures packed with education while providing each viewer with the entertainment big woods hunters challenge themselves with each year. Chris makes his home in RI with his wife Deb and his son Samuel. He is having the time of his life sharing the woods with his family. In his closing statement Chris said, "Family, integrity and a true moral compass mean everything to me, and we bring those values to our organization and to the new and old hunter alike."