BIg Woods Productions - Media Services

BWB has a solution for your video needs. We can provide pre-production , production, and post production services. From short promotional clips to commercials or short films BWB can assist you with a project to meet your needs.

BWB can provide scheduled FB posts relevant to your needs. With 11,500 organic FB likes when we reach out to our customer base the needle moves whether in sales or even promotion let BWB get your message out.

BWB can represent your products or organization at numerous trade shows throughout New England and the northern Mid Atlantic states. We will display brochures, banners, pop up displays and/or collateral at booth (marketing items to be supplied by Client.)

You can become an official gear supplier of BWB.

Develop BWB team as Products Ambassadors in a grass roots marketing plan to add awareness and push sales.

BWB will include talking points and Logo in presentations at trade show seminars and privately held seminar occasions when applicable. Example: Big Woods Bucks hired to present at dedicated hunting seminar for church or gun club members.

2@ 1 x 3 ft logo representation on the sides of the BWB company show trailer. Vinyl graphics and logo installation to be supplied by Client.

While producing BWB webisodes to be made available to public via social media promotion and VOD presentations, BWB will include “soft sell recommendations” regarding Your Business as well as billboard mentions.

BWB will provide your organization with ad space on the BWB website which is growing rapidly over 20% year to year.

BWB and clients can partner on a Facebook promotion/sweepstakes ‘like’ and ‘enter email’ address to enter.

BWB can distribute branded swag (hats, t-shirts, polo shirts, etc…) for distribution within the BWB team and potential giveaway items.

BWB team members can provide product feedback and reviews. These can be posted on social media or directly on website.

BWB is available for company events and private seminars.