Making good tracking rifles better

Big Woods Bucks has collaborated directly with gun manufacturers (and of course applicable FFL’s) since 2010 to build BWB high quality tracking rifles that also become coveted collector’s items. BWB takes already good platforms for tracking and still-hunting the big woods, and then has the manufacturer add specific custom touches that bring it to the professional level for this style of active hunting and stalking. It’s no secret that much of the Big Woods Bucks team is partial to Remington pump guns. But with Remington’s financial issues in 2021, Big Woods Bucks has expanded its collaboration to include lever action rifles from both Browning and Henry (and we expect Marlin to participate in the future as well).

Past Big Woods Bucks Custom Tracking Rifles

Remington 7600 in 30.06 - 2010
A 7600 built by Remington, with Hal’s signature in gold inlay, peep sight, the Big Woods Bucks logo done by Baron’s in Connecticut. Only 100 ever made. Sequentially numbered, with serial numbers BWB001-100. Hal has No. 1!

Remington 7600 in .35 Whelen - 2019
A 7600 made by Remington in Huntstville, Alabama (wood stocks made in Kentucky). This one was engraved on receiver with Big Woods Bucks logo, had custom fleur-de-lis checkering, and a Williams peep sight. Only 100 ever made.  


Big Woods Bucks and Skinner Sights BLR in 6.5 Creedmore (2022)
This Browning BLR in 6.5 Creedmore was raffled off at the Big Woods Bucks 2022 Spring Thaw event to benefit the Travis Mills Foundation and its mission of providing assistance to wounded veterans. Designed by team member Mark Scheeren in collaboration with Andy Larson of Skinner Sights. This is a one-of-a-kind tracking rifle with a shortened carbine length barrel, a Skinner Big Woods Bucks Tracker peep sight, a satin walnut stock finish, BWB/Skinner receiver engravings and a red fiber optic front sight.


Big Woods Bucks Henry “Rabbit Tracker” .22 (2022)
The “Rabbit Tracker” is a Henry .22 caliber lever action rifle also engraved by Andy Larson of Skinner Sights in Montana. The Rabbit Tracker will feature a Big Wood Bucks/Skinner Sights engraving, custom Skinner peep sight, and fiber optic front sight. Only 100 Rabbit Trackers will be produced!


Skinner Sights

Big Woods Bucks has also collaborated with Skinner Sights to produce the Big Woods Bucks “Tracker” Peep Sight Skinner Sights. The Tracker was designed by Hal Blood and the team to be the ideal peep sight for the big woods. Hand-machined out of high quality steel, the Tracker peep sight features a ghost ring, and is available for numerous rifles, including the Remington 7600, Marlin 336, Browning BAR and BLR, and more.