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104 | “Maine’s Majestic Moose – Winter Tick Update with Maine Moose Biologist Lee Kantar”

Tuesday , June 07, 2022

In This Episode

Steven Rinella talks with Drew Lanham, Ryan Callaghan, Brody Henderson, Sean Weaver, Phil Taylor, and Corinne Schneider.

Topics discussed: The Home Place and Sparrow Envy; Drew's very cool bone carved crow skull necklace; Cal's Week In Review's special edition Ep. 171; a "close call" story that doesn't quite cut it for our third audiobook; how Pat Durkin is pissed that "white-tailed" became whitetail deer; arguing about language; El Hefe; the Spring Light Goose Conservation Order; a black bear, a grizzly bear, and a polar bear walk into a snow goose nesting area...; not pullin' a cork on crab whiskey; starting as a bird watcher, then becoming an ornithologist; impaling your prey on bushes and thorns; the family legend of coming back from the war bearing gold; free as birds; moving science to the masses; feeling first, then thinking, then doing; the amazing capacity of birds to do what they do; how to be a responsible feeder keeper; Nine Rules for the Black Bird Watcher; and more.

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