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Come explore the big woods and timber in North America with Master Maine Guide and deer tracker Hal Blood. Listen to Hal and co-hosts and Maine guides Lee Libby and Joe Kruse as they unlock the secrets to big woods whitetails. Each episode will provide insights into the tried and true system Hal has used for the last 40 years to hunt big woods bucks. Listen to Hal's legendary adventures and learn how to apply a lifetime's worth of lessons from the big woods to your own hunting and outdoor adventures.

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126| “Springtime - Woodsman Lifestyle Experiences”

Monday, May 15, 2023
126| “Springtime - Woodsman Lifestyle Experiences”
  • Smelting update.
  • Joe finds deer antlers while hunting for moose sheds.
  • Green on top, green on bottom hardwoods, in the middle???
  • Some older bucks winter up high.
  • Mike said not one piece of old man’s beard on any trees in the area. What does that mean???
  • Lone Star ticks are nasty.
  • Hal finds a new signpost with his grandson while moose antler shed hunting.
  • Puss Pocket???
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