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Come explore the big woods and timber in North America with Master Maine Guide and deer tracker Hal Blood. Listen to Hal and co-hosts and Maine guides Lee Libby and Joe Kruse as they unlock the secrets to big woods whitetails. Each episode will provide insights into the tried and true system Hal has used for the last 40 years to hunt big woods bucks. Listen to Hal's legendary adventures and learn how to apply a lifetime's worth of lessons from the big woods to your own hunting and outdoor adventures.

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125| “Effective Spring Scouting for Mature Bucks”

Thursday, April 27, 2023
125| “Effective Spring Scouting for Mature Bucks”
  • If you are into shed hunting it is a great time to combine with scouting for next fall.
  • Gathering intel from the network.
  • Spring Scouting can lead to strategy for next fall especially for hunting the big woods.
  • Logging can change where feed grows which can affect where you find the deer next fall in the big woods.
  • For Hal, signposts remain his most sought-after sign in the big woods.
  • Voting for LD 814 Coyote legislation probably won’t pass.
  • What kind of forest do deer live in – birch and poplar or maple and yellow birch with soft woods mixed in?
  • Start by road scouting in the spring.
  • What can you surmise looking up and down a culvert when riding the road?
  • Why can the onX hybrid mode help you scout in the spring?
  • Are hardwood ridges where you can see the furthest be the best places to set up in the big woods?
  • What is one of Hal’s best tips for scouting in the spring?
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