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Come explore the big woods and timber in North America with Master Maine Guide and deer tracker Hal Blood. Listen to Hal and co-hosts and Maine guides Lee Libby and Joe Kruse as they unlock the secrets to big woods whitetails. Each episode will provide insights into the tried and true system Hal has used for the last 40 years to hunt big woods bucks. Listen to Hal's legendary adventures and learn how to apply a lifetime's worth of lessons from the big woods to your own hunting and outdoor adventures.

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119 | “Sometimes assuming can be a catalyst for a mistake. At the very least take time to learn from it.”

Monday, January 16, 2023
119 | “Sometimes assuming can be a catalyst for a mistake. At the very least take time to learn from it.”
  • Lee Schanz shares his account of the buck he killed but didn’t find till the week after. Lee wanted to share to help you avoid you making the mistake he did.
  • Even with a killing shot deer don’t always bleed.
  • Ravens can be a tell-tale sign.
  • At this year’s Yankee Classic in VT. Jan. 20-22, 2023, we will announce BWB buck pool winner.
  • Deer have been everywhere it is just a good winter for them with the lack of snow.
  • Found only 1 coyote track in a 50 mile snowmachine ride.
  • Mostly crust can’t run dogs.
  • Moose are sparring – they have been active but seem to be holding their antlers.
  • In association with Coburn Summit Riders Snowmobile Club, BWB & Woodman Arms, Mark and Kassandra Woodman will be running the Boston Marathon this year to support The Boston Children’s Hospital and their patient partner and her family. Buy a raffle ticket at 2 Muzzleloader raffle ticket purchase.
  • What is a dooryard?
  • Windstorm knocked tress down for plenty of feed in woods for deer.
  • Don’t forget to use the discount code for your onX membership. Go to on and enter discount code bwb for 20% discount. Please keep important feedback. Please use the link below. The Big Woods Team…


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