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Come explore the big woods and timber in North America with Master Maine Guide and deer tracker Hal Blood. Listen to Hal and co-hosts and Maine guides Lee Libby and Joe Kruse as they unlock the secrets to big woods whitetails. Each episode will provide insights into the tried and true system Hal has used for the last 40 years to hunt big woods bucks. Listen to Hal's legendary adventures and learn how to apply a lifetime's worth of lessons from the big woods to your own hunting and outdoor adventures.

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114 | “1st day of Maine Deer Season – What to do when weather is warm - observations from their scouting ”

Wednesday, November 02, 2022
114 | “1st day of Maine Deer Season – What to do when weather is warm - observations from their scouting ”
  • Lots of droppings and beds indicates a healthy deer herd.
  • Things just getting going some scrapes but halfhearted.
  • Snorting back at a deer you jump just might hold him long enough.
  • Most guys in camp saw deer today.
  • “Stove up with buck sign” Good Lee Lingo.
  • Even though cut hard deer like them but hard to kill one in there.
  • Hal gets injured again!!! Does his own chiropractic work.
  • What to do when you get leg cramps form walking too much.
  • In the north winters are a major controlling factor of deer herd health.
  • Big groves of maple could be beneficial to health of deer herd.
  • When mornings are cool work your way up high.
  • Repeat process and the law of averages will catch up to you.
  • Precipitation quiets things down.
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