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  • All metal components are stainless and aluminum.
  • The barrel is 416 stainless is treated with Nitride (Nitride is a not a coating, but a metal treatment which increases surface hardness, corrosion resistance, with no degraded accuracy like chrome lining.)
  • All muzzleloaders are made with precision barrel blanks.
  • The breech plug and other stainless components are made of 17-4 stainless steel.
  • Stocks are available in laminate and walnut.
  • The Patriot muzzleloader features a truly hammerless action.
  • It has a crossbolt safety.
  • The trigger pull is 3.5 lbs.
  • The gun weighs 5.5 lbs without a scope.
  • The trigger guard is extra-large for gloves.
  • Barrel twist rates

    ‚Äč.45 cal. 1 in 24

    .50 cal 1 in 28

  • Made in the USA.
  • We guarantee our Patriot muzzleloaders will last a lifetime and perform to your expectations.




Patriot Muzzleloader Features




About Us

Mark WoodmanMark Woodman is an expert in software engineering, mechanical design, manufacturing and CNC machining. Mark is also a Northeast whitetail tracker. This second passion became the catalyst that caused Mark to become frustrated with the muzzleloaders he took into the woods each fall. With more than 20 years in the machining profession, and a natural enthusiasm for tracking big woods bucks, Mark had the perfect background, understanding, and expertise to build a more accurate and more reliable muzzleloader than the current crop of rifles being mass produced for the box stores. Because of the frustration he felt in using inferior muzzleloaders while hunting in the big woods of the North, he decided to build a better muzzleloader, and to make that new design emulate the quintessential trackers rifles: the Remington 760’s and various lever actions that have been the tracker’s predominant choice for many decades. He desired the balance and portability qualities of those lever and pump guns, while also making his design the most reliable smoke pole in history. Mark succeeded with these high goals with his first Patriot design in 2010. Over the past decade the Patriot has gone through small incremental improvements, but the strength of original design’s foundation remains as strong as the day it came off the Fremont, New Hampshire factory floor for the first time so many years ago.



Q: What type of primer does it use?

A: Standard 209 shotgun primers.

Q: What is the barrel length?

A: 24 inches.

Q: What is the length of the pull?

A: 13.75 inches.

Q: What calibers do they come in?

A: .45 and .50

Q: Is the breech plug removeable?

A: Yes it is easily removable with tools that are supplied.

Q: Can I shoot pellets?

A: Yes, but I do not recommend them with any muzzleloader.

Q: Do you have composite stocks?

A: No, we do not currently offer the hollow plastic stocks.

Q: Can I have a custom barrel length?

A: Yes, we can build custom barrels. There is a fee.

Q: The buttstock is too long. Can you shorten it?

A: Yes, most gunsmiths can do this job.

Q: I have long arms. Can you lengthen the buttstock?

A: Yes, a spacer can be put in front of the recoil pad.

Q: What do they weigh?

A: 5 pounds (without scope).

Q: Can I have it shipped to my house?

A: Yes in most cases, the Patriot is black powder only. It does not require form 4473.

Q: Is there a warranty?

A: Yes, we offer a lifetime warranty no matter who owns it. Abuse and neglect may not be covered.

Q: Can I have a custom stock made?

A: Yes, There is a fee.

Q: Can you engrave it?

A: Yes. We can do laser engraving on the metal. There is a fee.

Q: What twist is the rifling?

A: 1-24 in the .45 and 1-28 in the .50.

Q: How accurate at 100 yards is it?

A: There are many factors beyond our control. It is not uncommon to have groups touching.

Load Data

We will update this with load data and velocities soon. We have had great success with the bullets shown below in the .45 caliber. We Recommend starting with 100 grains (by volume).

Remington 209 Premiere STS Primers Harvester Muzzleloading EZ Load Premium High Pressure Sabots Harvester Muzzleloading EZ Load Premium High Pressure Sabots Powerbelt Copper .45 Caliber Aerotip Knight Barnes Red Hots .45-Caliber Blackhorn 209 High Performance Muzzleloading Propellant


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