Upcoming Events


Press Release - We are in the planning stages of events for the 2018 Moose Festival but we have accepted an invitation to have our team attend. We plan to have a display of what a moose camp looks like, experts on the team that have decades of experience guided many moose clients to trophy bulls in northern Maine there for you to pock their brains about technique of calling, scouting, judging trophies and what to do once the moose is down. We plan to do a moose panel on Friday and Saturday where we line up the experts and they share with you their experiences of trophy bulls that got away. They will explain to you why and give you a chance to ask questions of each panelist. We hope you can make it this June. Plan now as the spring is turning out to be a long cold spring so the nice weather June usually brings will be a great time to spend outdoors enjoying the party like atmosphere of this year Maine Moose Lottery weekend.