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The New Custom BWB/Skinner Tracking Rifle – The Browning BLR!

A year ago, I went through my gun rack and was looking for a potential rifle that I could convert into a bonafide tracking rifle. I also wanted to create it as a platform for a prototype to present to the respective gun company (to possibly produce a run for Big Woods Bucks and Skinner Sights), but also one I could use for a raffle to benefit the Travis Mills Foundation to support his efforts that help our wounded vets.

Travis is an amazing man, who also happens to be a quad amputee from his tours overseas. He doesn’t let his physical handicap become his handicap, and his positive example is profound for the others in that boat to whom he has dedicated his life to help. This is a worthy cause to be sure! So 100% of the monies raised from the raffle will go to his foundation.

The tickets are $25 per, with only 500 tickets being sold (limit three tickets per person), giving everyone a 1 in 500 chance of winning this amazing “One of One” Custom Tracking Rifle.

As I perused my gun safe for a donor rifle, I looked and saw my newly acquired Browning Lightweight BLR lever action rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor – a wonderful light-kicking whitetail and black bear round. While BLR’s are great tracking rifles in stock form already, I knew Andy Larsson (of Skinner Sights) and I could make it better.

So I sent my rifle to Montana and Andy cut the barrel 2 inches to make it an 18” carbine length, he engraved the receiver, and applied a fiber optic front sight and our Skinner Big Woods Bucks “Tracker” peep sight on the rear. With these modifications, the weight has been reduced to 6 lbs., 4 ounces, and the gun balances in the hand beautifully. I also took the gloss finish off the walnut bringing out a more hunt worthy matt finish. All the great qualities of the Browning were retained while improving everywhere we could to make it an even better big woods still-hunting or tracking rig.

Beyond those who might want to hunt with it, it is also a great gun for the collector out there that wants a piece of Big Woods Bucks/Skinner history!

To get your chance to win the Big Woods Bucks/Skinner Sights Custom BLR Rifle, click here!