As all of you prepare to go afield during the upcoming turkey season, I want to make you aware of the fact there has been somewhat of a tick population explosion being reported in the Northeast this year. Glenn Dunning, owner of Tundrator Consultants and columnist for the Outdoor Magazine, wrote an excellent article on ticks in the May Issue of Outdoor Magazine titled, "The Truth About Ticks." You can obtain a copy by subscribing to the magazine at ( I recommend you gather some information about the tick situation. There are also some preventative measures you can take such as clothing and gear insect repellent that you apply to your clothes prior to entering the field in conjunction with wearing long sleeve shirts and tucking your pant cuffs into your boots or socks. Daily inspection of your body is also good practice. Ultimately, it should not discourage you from spending time outdoors. A bit of homework and preparation will limit your chances of any hazards you might be at risk of. Good luck with your hunt and let us know how you make out.