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     Big Woods Bucks is proud to introduce the members of our Pro-Staff to all of you. We invite you to click on the pro-staff page and get familiar with each of them. We chose them based on a certain criteria we feel is necessary to bring you the most valuable knowledge as well as entertainment from their past and future adventures. Together they have approximately 150 years of outdoor experience ranging from hunting and fishing to woodsman, navigation and survival skills. Each of them are professional guides and their expertise ranges from hunting bear, deer, moose, grouse, rabbits, turkeys and sheep, to fishing for northern pike, muskies, smallmouth and largemouth bass, trout, salmon, togue or fly fishing in salt and fresh water. As you can tell there will be something for every outdoorsman to enjoy. Each of our pro-staff members brings a certain expertise as well as proven techniques for you to learn to be more consistently successful at whatever your favorite outdoor sport is. They are all committed to share these with you.
     So strap in because you will not only learn but I am certain they will entertain you as they go afield to the Big Woods or Big Water in hot pursuit of the game they are after. We guarantee you these are fair chase adventures. They will not be scripted or Hollywood productions.