The results are in from the 2010 All Women's Bear Hunt sponsored by Remington Arms and Cedar Ridge Outfitters and it was a huge success. 5 of the 8 women hunting killed bear and 2 others saw a bear but did not get a shot. The weather, as usual, played a big role in bear sightings and it proved to be less than ideal with wind and rain prevailing over much of the week. The event took place the last week of bear season and it was hosted by Hal and Deb Blood, co-owners of Cedar Ridge Outfitters in Jackman Maine. The event hosted gals of all experience levels from novice to seasoned hunters. All of the women hunting were shooting Remington Model 700 SPS rifles chambered in 7mm-08. Some were using the compact version Remington offers for youth and women while others used the standard length version. Out of the box these guns print amazingly well incorporating the X Mark Pro Adjustable Trigger and virtually customizing the length of pull for each individual with Remington’s LOP system. These gals can shoot and the guns and 140 grain Core-Lokt ammo they were using proved to be the right medicine living up to Remington's motto of "One moment. One shot."  Stay tuned for some information on where to view video clips to watch some of these gals rocking their bears world. Camera work was done by Chris Dalti, Hal Blood, Lee Libby, Kevin Harrison, Tom Hamilton, Rob Wing and Sam McCuin (Host of the Outfitter TV Show).

 By Chris Dalti

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Friday, October 1, 2010 11:45 AM