North Smithfield, RI - Big Woods, a diverse outdoor media and marketing company staffed with a team of "masters in the art of hunting" has named Andrea Bolduc to their team of hunting professionals.

"We are pleased to have Andrea join our team of passionate outdoors people," said Chris Dalti, CEO of Big Woods. Our senior leadership team analyzed the structure of our diverse team and realized we wanted to respond to an ever growing demand for a women's perspective of the outdoors. One of our strategic goals  is to vindicate to women from all walks of life that the outdoors, especially hunting, is not just a man's sport anymore. Andrea is a perfect example of this. She is energetic, optimistic and relatable bringing a strong understanding of the core fundamentals needed to successfully take game any place she hunts. Andrea also brings a strong business acumen spending much of her working career in the world of marketing.

Andrea grew up in Southern New England but spent a significant amount of time on family owned land in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont with her parents and three brothers allowing her to spend weeks at a time up at "camp" honing her woods skills. Andrea took those woods skills and has hunted game animals across the northern tier of North America and as far south as Florida, Louisiana and Texas. She has successfully taken gators, hogs, ducks, doves, turkey, mule deer and her favorite big game animal which is the Big Woods Whitetail Buck of Northern New England. Her husband Tim once asked her why, while she was living in Louisiana, she came back north every fall? Her response was easy: " I love the hunt, the deer are bigger bodied and hunting the big woods is the greatest challenge I know." Big Woods look forward to sharing her enthusiasm, her woods skills and her adventures both from her past and those which she will encounter this fall.

 "I was honored at the opportunity to join the Big Woods Team" said Andrea. The chance to highlight women and FAMILY in the outdoors is something I'm excited to be a part of. I like the diversity of the Big Woods organization and I can't wait to share my adventures, and a few good laughs, with all of you! My husband and I are especially looking forward to sharing our passion for the outdoors with our new son, Jase. Man, how life has changed!! I look forward to encouraging and inspiring other women to join the men in their lives out in the Big Woods."

About Big Woods - The Brand:

Big Woods, dba,
Big Woods Bucks is an outdoor marketing and media company. The company serves as ambassadors for both regional and national brands. The company focuses on video and photographic production specializing in meeting the challenges associated with the outdoors. Big Woods has a variety of trademarked products to its name, several nationally recognized books authored by one of the owners and, arguably, one of the best hunters in the world and a team of sought after speaking professionals. The company focuses on a grass roots theology humbly recognized by fellow industry leaders but more importantly recognized by fellow hunters as authentic, trusted masters in the art of hunting. Their commitment to the public is to bring them along on their adventures while educating and entertaining. Our offices are located on the lakes and in the woods of the northern tier of North America but they conduct business at their headquarters in North Smithfield, RI.