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By Matt Ferland

                                                                                      Turkey Hunting Advise


As we start shaking off the cold from this long, long, long winter images, of Turkey Hunting start entering my mind. We study all the new sales flyers and marketing campaigns for the latest turkey hunting gadgets. I encourage folks to add new tools to their Turkey smashing bag of tricks. That being said, here is my take on the current state of turkey hunting. In our never ending quest for the better mouse trap and the constant flux of those products coming at us, what are we loosing in that process? You cannot replace good hunting skills and scouting with gadgets.

At Big Woods, our mission is simple. We are an outdoor media company dedicated to teaching people the skills, tactics, and techniques needed to become successful hunters, taking our audience along on our adventures.  We've accomplished this through the production of educational material such as books, DVD's, video clips, webisodes and seminars as well as other outdoor related products.  Education through entertainment is the corner stone of our business.

Yes we do sell some products and do product reviews on new items but our knowledge base on all types of hunting techniques is really the most valuable item you could ever buy.  Turkey hunting now days, I hear a lot of chatter about what shells hold the best pattern and which load and choke combination will help us take  a bird at 60 yards. Shouldn't a skilled hunter be able to get much closer than that to harvest a bird? There are discussions about lead pellets, coated pellets, HTL ( Heavier than Lead) pellets. Discussions on 10 ga vs 12ga vs 20ga and what's the best gauge shotgun. Ground blinds, using a fans for stalking or what's the best broad head to use? These subjects are all fun to discuss and it is enjoyable to debate your point of view with friends. In reality, most folks have no scientific data to back up any of the claims they make. We can discuss each and every one of these aforementioned topics but will any new items from those categories make you a better hunter? Well, not really. Yes, you may increase your effective range or get something that gives you a more comfortable hunting experience but they don't make you a better hunter in my opinion.

So what does make you better? Simply put, doing just what you're doing. Reading about the subject and watching videos. Knowledge is the key and no one ever got smarter by listening to themselves speak. Read every blog, article, and book you can. Watch hunting videos, not for the kill scenes, but for the animals behaviors and tendencies they display. Go see a seminar and don't be afraid to ask questions. Hunt with other people and learn their skill sets to help increase yours. Study the anatomy of you quarry and their patterns. The more you know about turkeys the more successful you will become.

Avoid the thoughts that a new lure will make you a better fisherman. Tools are only as effective as the person using them. There is no magic bean as Jack would have you believe. Make yourself a better hunter by learning and through in-field experience. Set goals for yourself and don't be satisfied until you reach them. Finally, as you acquire more knowledge, don't be selfish with it.  Share it so others can learn like me.

I hope you all have a successfully upcoming season, learn something and most of all stay safe and have fun.

I’m a Hunter

Matt Ferland is the Big Woods Business Development Director. He can be contacted at