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"Making Adventures"
by Jim Bernardin

As I topped the ridge after a two and a half hour climb, I encountered a sight that everyone who travels the backcountry hopes to see (at a distance, of course) : Grizzly! 

Circle of Life for a Hunter
by Joel Carvell

My grandfather was the one who first introduced me to hunting at an early age.  I went fishing a lot with my father, but we didn't do much hunting together.  I remember the day, my grandfather and I, headed to a local gun store to purchase a 20 gauge shotgun to hunt grouse with.  
Boiling It Down
by Matt Breton

I’ve been sugaring this week.  In the midst of performing all my carry exercises with 5 gallon pails full of sap, I’ve had time to think about training programs for hunters. 

Avoid Complacency and Become a Better Hunter
by Matt Breton

I’ve long admired athletes of all sports and levels.  I think a large part of it is their constant pursuit of excellence throughout the arc of their careers.  As I pondered this recently, it led me to two questions:

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