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Analysis Paralysis - Don't Overthink It!
by Mark Scheeren

"My mind was already fettered with so much random information, tactics and stories on the tracking subject, that I became somewhat lost and confused in the sea of mental data that had accumulated over the years. What made it worse was I didn’t realize how this mental logjam would actually hurt my chances for a big buck rather than increase my odds. I thought knowledge is power, the more the better. Well, it certainly is if that knowledge is organized in some fashion, and it doesn’t overwhelm you. That was not the case here…"
Fear is your Biggest Obstacle
by Hal Blood

I’ve had the privilege to talk to literally thousands of deer hunters over the years, whether at my Lodge, at Sportsman shows or doing my seminars on Hunting in the Big woods. Talking to other hunters has helped me understand a lot about what makes a deer hunter tick and especially the Big Woods deer hunter.

Bare Bones Training
by Matt Breton

With August upon us, it is time to get your training ramped up for the fall.  For those of you who intended to train, but found life getting in the way up until now, take heart.  You still have time.   The fall hunting season rapidly approaching and if you’re planning on doing any training before it gets here, you really should start now.
How to Pick the Perfect Tracking Rifle
by Mark Scheeren

I’ve attended a lot of different outdoor deer tracking seminars, and one question that universally gets asked at almost every deer hunting class is what rifle does the speaker use or recommend as an adequate deer tracking rifle. 

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