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Staying Fit Through the Season
by Matt Breton

Deer season is finally within reach in New England!  Sure, I’ve been archery hunting, but that is merely a tune-up for the real deal in my mind- tracking bucks on snow in the Big Woods.  Training is behind us and now is the time we want to make the most of what we have gained.  Most of us will be able to hunt the first few days without thinking about what we are doing to our bodies, but after that the grind can start to take its toll and wear us down.  What can we do to stay in the game for the entire season, mentally and physically?

A Case for Small Game Hunting
by Matt Breton

The hunting world is all in on big game hunting.  Whitetail, elk, moose and bear are what the large majority of hunters are talking about and generally focused on.  Many hours are spent on food plots and in tree stands waiting for the next record-book sized corn-fed giant to walk by.  People spend thousands of dollars to get one shot at a bull elk and tens of thousands to get a shot at a Dall ram.  Yet the focus on these charismatic species has, perhaps, allowed a little of the fun and joy out of the hunting experience.

Joeys 35
by Mark Scheeren

Building and customizing a rifle, any rifle, to your personal specifications can be a trial and error process that can get expensive and frustrating. So my goal with this article is to provide a roadmap to help save you that experience as much as possible. I will stay focused on discussing the Remington 760/7600 for the time being as it seems our community tends to favor them for the tracking discipline.

The 24 Hour Moose hunt
by Joel Carvell

During the September 2014 moose hunt, I was guiding for Smoldering Lake Outfitters in Bridgewater, Me. Although the lodge was located in WMD 6, we were traveling 45-50 minutes west each day to WMD 5, which was where the hunters tag was zoned for.  The hunter wanted to use his bow which meant I had to call the moose in close.

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