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Off Season Plan BWB Fitness 2016
by Matt Breton

With the bulk of the fall big game hunting season behind us, it is time to start the process of looking at the next season.  Like many of you, the Big Woodslife I like to lead never really stops, it only shifts focus
My Canadian Combination Hunt
by Jim Bernardin

Cold and snowy weather finally made an appearance on the fourth day of my recent whitetail hunt in Canada and with it, success. I found a good track and began my pursuit but this year, and this time, was to be different than in the past.
"On the Hunt aside: from the kill"
by Jim Bernardin

Listen; can you hear them in the distance? Wave upon wave of migrating sand hill cranes, their distinctive and haunting call proclaiming their southbound journey, filled the skies above us and briefly interrupted our glassing for mule deer in the rugged breaks of east central Wyoming

How dirty is dirty?
by Matt Ferland

Clean your shotgun???

1000 shots before it was cleaned.


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