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25th Annual Yankee Sportsman Classic - Champlain Valley Expo Center, Essex Junction, VT.  - Jan 20th-22nd, 2017. We will update details soon.

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The Fortune Buck by Mark Scheeren
by Mark Scheeren

It was mid-rifle season in the Adirondacks, November 20th, 2016 and we got some snow…and boy did it come! When I got up that morning at our camp, it was a foot deep and it was still snowing with a cold wind howling. I was excited because of a new area my son Austin and I had hunted the month prior and the size of the bucks we tracked on that mountain. I was itching to get back in there.


The Beagle Buck, VT Muzzleloader 2016
by Matt Breton

I have found through this season that how I hunt is important, more important than what I kill.  A cold day, a good VT buck and fresh tracks make for a fun day in my world and the fact that it happened at the end of a long season was that much better.  I hunt for the chase and my VT muzzleloader buck had that. The training that I do allows me to stick with it to the end, physically and mentally.  I like to feel that I earn the bucks I shoot and this one fit the bill.
2 Monsters 2 Mountains
by Logan Rackliff

The day after Thanksgiving, I left my house in mid-coast Maine at 2:30 in the morning and headed north to the Big Woods. There had been snow on the ground all week. The weather report was calling for snow for most of the day as well. I arrived at the area I wanted to start looking for tracks at daylight. It was discouraging to see that other hunters had already driven the roads checking for tracks. There were also hunters parked at the blocked off roads that I wanted to walk. I decided to head for a place where there aren’t as many deer but that I love to hunt. 
Booze, Drugs and Tracking Big Woods Whitetails
by Mark Scheeren


Whitetail deer saved my life.

It was the 80’s and my life was a train wreck. I was a teenager who was struggling with a serious alcohol and drug problem, and if not for whitetail hunting and the outdoor experience, I might not be here today to speak of it. I realize this might seem to be a strange topic, especially on a hunting website. But to those who have tracked, stalked, hunted and admired these amazing animals, the effect of the hunting lifestyle can be dramatic and in some cases like mine, even life saving. There is something deep inside, primordial even, that gets stirred if you spend enough time hunting and becoming connected to the woods.


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