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25th Annual Yankee Sportsman Classic - Champlain Valley Expo Center, Essex Junction, VT.  - Jan 20th-22nd, 2017. We will update details soon.

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Getting Older and Wiser by Team Member Mark Scheeren
by Mark Scheeren

As a child I began my goal to kill a whitetail buck by walking the ridges and creek bottoms of the farm land around my parent's home. I walked those hills and valleys like a boy possessed, driven by my intense desire to hunt and find peace in my life. I did shoot deer as the years went on, but most of the time I seemed to do a lot more scaring of game than I did successfully shooting them. In contrast, my buddy (and lifetime hunting partner) Bob, would always shoot deer.
On The Track With Hal Blood

Ever wonder what its like to be on the track of a big whitetail buck with the man himself? Well I also wondered that for many years. As luck would have it, that would eventually become a reality for me, as I have been filming him for the last 3 seasons when time allows. I will assure any time you get behind Hal in the woods you are sure to have some type of wild adventure! You see I am a big woods tracker at heart, but the fact that I live in southern NJ, greatly limits the time I can spend up north in Maine. While I have spent up to 150 days a year tree stand hunting and filming, I am an average tracker at best. I want to share last weekends tracking story with you along with a few things I feel the average tracker may find helpful on their journeys.
The Hunter’s Heart – What’s Missing in Today’s Outdoor Industry
by Mark Scheeren

I enjoy watching outdoor television. I’m also aware that what I am watching is entertainment, and that most of it is fairly rehearsed and scripted. As long as I watch these shows with this in mind, I remain entertained and at times amused. It’s fun to watch people have success killing really big deer as well as other species for the record books. These shows make it look easy and give flight to our fantasies about the hunts some of us might never have the opportunity to experience. But while entertaining, a hunting show can only demonstrate a very limited perspective on the topic at hand, and to a certain point, this limited view provides the public with a mere snapshot of the actual experience.

Early Snow in the Adirondaks
by Hal Blood

An early snow was going the hit the Adirondak’s in late October. Already having an invite to hunt there by my buddy Joe Dinnito, I jumped in my truck and made the drive on Saturday as the snow was falling. My cameraman Jason DelPalazzo was going to meet me there. My mission this year is to capture a kill shot on film while tracking. I really want to show everyone in the deer hunting world what it takes to track one down. I knew it was going to be a tough task but I am committed to trying it.

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