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The 24 Hour Moose hunt
by Joel Carvell

During the September 2014 moose hunt, I was guiding for Smoldering Lake Outfitters in Bridgewater, Me. Although the lodge was located in WMD 6, we were traveling 45-50 minutes west each day to WMD 5, which was where the hunters tag was zoned for.  The hunter wanted to use his bow which meant I had to call the moose in close.
Sealing my addiction for hunting Big Woods Bucks
by Logan Rackliff

I have been going up north with my dad since I was 5 years old. Whether it was spring time to do a little brook fishing, fall time to help him see a partridge in the woods on the side of the road, or the winter to go snowmobiling once I could ride. When I turned 10 (legal age to hunt in Maine) it was exciting for me because now I could shoot some of these ruffed grouse I was seeing in the woods and I could help dad scout for deer.
A Trip with the Old Grizzled Hunter
by Mark Scheeren

 Deer aren’t people. They don’t laugh, or cry, or feel the way we humans do. They don’t understand time – they live in the moment. They don’t problem solve, and they don’t plan for the future.hey are simply very efficient at surviving. But know this; they are not as smart as we are.
Why Wool
by Hal Blood

The early hunters, trappers and pioneers of this country knew to wear wool clothing to protect themselves from the elements. They knew from experience that wool clothing would keep them warm even if they ended up taking a dunking in the water. If it were not for wool clothing most people would not have survived the explorations of the 19th century.

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