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 Thank you to all who attend the 37th Annual State of Maine Sportsman Show. It was great to see you and talk hunting, fishing and the outdoors. The BWB team appreciates sharing adventures with all of you. We look forward to next year all ready but in the meantime let's go makes some new memories. See you in the field...

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Fear and Confidence in the Big Woods
by Matt Breton

Two of our three horses took off down the trail, leaving us miles back in the Colorado wilderness. Darkness was approaching after a long first day of hunting. There had been a number of mistakes that led to this point, but rehashing those would only make things worse. The decision was made to start hiking out. A couple of hours later the trail was lost. With fading hope of getting out that night to a warm meal in camp, the three of us decided to spend the night in the woods. We were under-prepared for a night out but had basics.
The Gabi Buck by Team Member Mark Scheeren
by Mark Scheeren

Gabe is my middle child sandwiched between two brothers.She is by far the most outspoken of my kids, and is the most independent and intense. I grew up with 7 sisters, so in a way, I get girls. But, I also grew up in a German immigrant household, so let us say it wasn't the warmest domestic situation. Every aspect of a German household is straightforward and without fanfare - some would say it cold.
The Danielle Buck by Mark Scheeren
by Mark Scheeren

It was the last day of the season, December 5th 2011. I had already returned from my fruitless hunt in the Northern Zone in the Adirondacks, and was now hunting in a big chunk of woods behind my home in the Southern Zone. The good news was we had snow!
A Primitive Approach to Health and Wellness
by Matt Breton

Health, according to the World Health Organization, is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.  Think about your last visit to the doctor and ask yourself if Western medicine works toward this definition?  Do the pills that the Pharmaceutical companies produce make us truly healthy?  Should it really be that complicated? 

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