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How to Pick the Perfect Tracking Rifle
by Mark Scheeren

I’ve attended a lot of different outdoor deer tracking seminars, and one question that universally gets asked at almost every deer hunting class is what rifle does the speaker use or recommend as an adequate deer tracking rifle. 

To Help the Troubled Outdoorsman
by Mark Scheeren

I have two passions in my life:
Helping people with drug and alcohol problems.
Tracking and hunting big woods bucks (or anything related to the outdoors for that matter).
I know, an odd mix; but life sometimes brings you places you wouldn’t expect. As a person who grew up hunting and fishing, I was raised to love the outdoors.

"Making Adventures"
by Jim Bernardin

As I topped the ridge after a two and a half hour climb, I encountered a sight that everyone who travels the backcountry hopes to see (at a distance, of course) : Grizzly! 

Circle of Life for a Hunter
by Joel Carvell

My grandfather was the one who first introduced me to hunting at an early age.  I went fishing a lot with my father, but we didn't do much hunting together.  I remember the day, my grandfather and I, headed to a local gun store to purchase a 20 gauge shotgun to hunt grouse with.  

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