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September 12th - Come visit with the BWB team at Kittery Trading Post Septemberfest on Saturday. We will be in the hunting room upstairs. BWB Pro-staffer Jeff Doyle will present his "EScouting" seminar and Pro-Staffer Lee Schanz and Field Producer Brian Donaghy will be speaking on "Trophy Maine Moose Hunting" just in time to prepare for the upcoming Maine Moose Hunt. Hope to see you there.

BWB News

Does your GPS provide your family "Peace of Mind"?

Are you thinking it is time for a new GPS?  Have you considered getting a satellite phone for those times when you are way off the beaten path?  Do you like to be using some of the latest technology?  Heck, maybe you are that person that is always looking for that new piece of equipment that you must have.

Sound Advice
by Hal Blood

Sound Advice
If you are old enough to remember the band Buffalo Springfield, then you’ll remember the lyrics to one of their songs that went, “stop, hey what’s that sound. Everybody look what’s going down.” When you’re hunting the sounds you here play an important role and may tell you what’s “going down” if you know what you’re hearing. 

BWB Fitness Series # 4: Strength
by Matt Breton

Strength = Mountain Legs = Bucks Living Room, possibly?

Backyard Hunts
by Matt Ferland


Thanks to the good Lord above archery season in the northeast is right around the corner. We wait all year for the season to start and then it's over before you know it

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